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February 24, 2018
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In earlier days, it was been as non-paper one which involves cylinder seals. The object considers as Cyrus cylinder and Cyrus of Nabonidus. Slowly it was developed in the way of movable type. Nowadays it has changed a lot by the use of technology. For e.g. companies are willing to give their advertisement through online about their products and services. A change is always happening but it depends on the products and services. This is very helpful in the in the way which can represent our products and services. However, technology and development happen frequently in this printing industry it will reach customers easily.

Is it competitive and crowded?

Yes, it is crowded. The only one the only secret is updating and walking along with technology which is essential to be in part of a competitive world. But the profit of the particular company depends on sales operation.

While digital technology is the reason to be increasingly competitive in the industry. Noticing point is that digital color pages is rapidly falling down because of offset printing rates and this is the one place where digital printing is at risk.


Business activity

While commercial printing is linked with US economy, here advertising is important for commercial printing, financial printing these has grown in past years. But paper price does not affect profit for many printers but low prices promote more volume.

Reducing materials

Information passes through electronics includes internet, mail through email these things will helps to reduce materials.

In-house printing

Colour printers and laser in small size business and in corporation are providing many jobs by commercial printers. Small Size Company can also produce many documents through their high volume printers.

Digital technology

Commercial printers who are delaying to invest in digital press has definitely find as a disadvantage on their side. But for small printers, it may be difficult to invest more at initial. On digital

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